Centurion .22 Long Rifle Ammo Test

With the current shortages of common ammo, including bricks of domestic .22 long rifle, we’ve begun to see new ‘brands’ start to appear.  One new brand (at least new to us) is “Centurion” .22 ammo now being sold in 500 round bricks.

This ammo is manufactured in Mexico and given the ‘A‘ headstamp on the brass it’s probably safe to assume it is made by Aguila.

We ran this ammo through a .22 Lever Action Henry rifle with a 4x scope at 50 yards to see how it’d group (10 rounds).  While shot from a bench, we didn’t use any special rests.  As a comparison, we also shot 10 rounds of Remington ‘Walmat Special’ .22lr ammo under the same conditions.

As you can see by the photo, the Centurion ammo holds it own to the Remington ammo.  We’ve had no misfires or feeding problems over 2-3 boxes so far.

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